Howdy and hi!

I’m Rachel, an imaginative, southwestern girl who’s soaking up the rain in the beautiful northwest.  I live just outside of Portland, Oregon with my hilarious and kind husband.  In the summertime, we love riding our sweet bikes to get a popsicle or to have a picnic and in the winter we frequently head up to Mount Hood to see what sorts of snowy trouble we can get into.  My journey has included a degree in teaching, military school, flower shops, Mexico, math, wilderness education, living with 100 eighteen-year-olds for many years, and a degree in fashion accessory design.

When we started our wedding photography business in 2008, we recognized how important it was to snap photos of people having a blast.  Friends and family howling with laughter or getting their serious groove on on the dance floor always make for some majorly memorable photos.  And without fail, those are the pictures that our clients end up loving the most!

We started setting up photo booths at our own parties and they have never not been the highlight of the night!  There's something about hiding behind a mustache or a wig that brings out the funny in us all.

Fawn and Feather was born out of these wonderfully imaginative experiences and has given me an unbelievable outlet for the witty, whimsical dreamer in me.  I LOVE to help people laugh.  And I LOVE to help people party.

The photo booth experience that I want to help create comes from that special place where my imagination, my humor, and my eye for design embrace in a big, squishy hug.  I thrive on creating something out of nothing, so if you aren’t seeing exactly what you want, lemme know.  With our powers combined, we can make all your photo booth dreams come true.  I swear.

Thanks for investing in Fawn & Feather, believing in the power of imagination, and for bringing the fun.