Fawn and Feather Beyond the Booth is an exaggerated version of our photo booth rental company.  There are no walls or dance floors to keep us captive.  We help you translate your event into a visual story.  Instead of backdrops, we find a magical location that suits your story.  Instead of props on a stick, we find and create costumes that turn you and your friends into just the right characters.  And then…we step back and photograph you.  Before you read on, it might help to peruse some events and themes from the past.  This is such a visual experience that it’s often hard to describe in words.  You can see lots and lots of photos on our blog, or you can see Rachel's favorites in the slideshow to your left (not visible on mobile devices).


If you liked what you saw, then I’d say you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable experience that’s out of the box (or booth-see what I did there?)  As a photo stylist and dreamer, I do that by directing the look and feel of your shoot and those involved.  Here’s what you’ll get from me and the small team at Fawn and Feather*:


-our imagination combined with creative experience in both fashion & photography

-theme & art direction

-wardrobe styling & consultation

-prop styling & creation

-hair & makeup coordinating

-location scouting

-photographer coordinating

-photography products (prints, albums, etc…)

-high energy & love for people


*amount of detail and pricing vary according to number of people and theme chosen


Frequently, I work with the super talented Heather España of España Photography and we do amazing things.  Chances are good that you'll meet her.  We can hardly wait to meet you.  Let's talk!